These are the items needed to get started with your new puppy that can be purchased locally or online; and by clicking on the pictures, you will be taken to where they are all available.  Either playpen below would be ideal.  We have both.


4Health Puppy Kibble. This is the food your puppy is currently being fed. Available at Tractor Supply Company and online at


EVENFLO VERSATILE PLAYSPACE – this is a must have item to keep your puppy safely contained when you’re not watching them. This protects both your puppy and your home.

AKC TRAINING PADS (50 PK) – needs no explanation


TODDLEROO COLORPLAY PLAYPEN – another playpen option. This one has a door.


PETMATE DOG CRATE (10-20 LBS) – you will need this for picking up your puppy as well as for safely transporting your puppy for trips to the vet etc.