Genetic Health Guarantee

Every effort has been taken to see that your new pug puppy is healthy and happy. Your puppy
will come with a CKC or AKC puppy registration form, vaccination and worming schedule and a
current food sample.

This document states that your new pug puppy to be free of all communicable diseases for a
period of 10 days from the date of adoption and guarantees the puppy against life-threatening genetic
health defects until the puppy reaches 1 year of age.  If the puppy has a life-threatening genetic
health defect, we will refund the price of the puppy with the return of the puppy back to us, and only the
amount you paid for the puppy if two unassociated, licensed veterinarians certify, in writing the
diagnosis of the life-threatening medical problem.

All expenses incurred after the puppy leaves the possession of Seller, medical or otherwise,
are the responsibility of the Buyer. There is no guaranteed size, color or performance ability of the puppy.
The pug puppy is not to be used for breeding purposes in order to register its puppies
through the CKC, AKC or any other registry. The puppy is sold to you as a companion and a
pet and not to be bred.

By reading and signing this document, both Seller and Buyer enter into this agreement. To
keep this Guarantee in force:

The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of pickup or delivery, provide the puppy with routine preventive care,
such as vaccinations, wormings and health checks. This guarantee does not cover health problems
or death caused by neglect, mistreatment or an accident while in buyer’s possession. This guarantee
does not cover BRACHYCEPHALIC conditions. Pugs are bred to have very short noses; therefore,
nose, throat and eye problems are common in a pug. We also do not guarantee against parasites.
The buyer must recognize that intestinal parasites are not uncommon in puppies and very often
appear during a puppy’s early development. We make every effort to prevent intestinal parasites in
our puppies by worming at least three times before Buyer takes possession of the puppy. We do not
offer a guarantee against hypoglycemia, cherry eye, coccidiosis, giardia, umbilical hernias which are
common in puppies (umbilical hernias usually close up within the puppy’s first year), or any non-life-threatening
conditions. We believe you, as a new puppy owner, will be knowledgeable about pugs in general and
sufficiently prepared regarding your responsibility of your new puppy’s appropriate care. This guarantee
shall become void if the puppy is given any vaccinations within 10 days of the last vaccination
stated on the vaccination record that was given to you at the time you picked up the pug
puppy from us.

We hope you enjoy your new pug puppy for many years to come!  lf you have any questions
whatsoever regarding the puppy’s care, training tips or other information, contact us throughout
the life of your pug. We are always interested to hear how our pugs are doing–whether 1, 2, 3 or 7
years and beyond…so please keep in touch with us; and thank you for choosing one of our wonderful puppies from Pretty Pugs of Texas!